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Re: [Xen-users] new xen guest cannot communicate with the network

On Tue, 2014-02-18 at 04:09 -0800, sbdcunha wrote:

> Now from the DOM0 server i can ping the gateway which is bb.bb.bb.62
> and also my network computers which are on different networks. and
> also internet

Given your routing table I think it is unlikely but is it possible that
this traffic is being routed out via br0/aa.aa.aa.126 and not br1? i.e.
it is being routed via your local infrastructure. You could either bring
br0 down to test, or you could try traceroute etc.

> Now I created a new dom U selecting bridge br1 and assigned a ip address of
> bb.bb.bb.55. now I can ping the DOM0 br1 ip that is bb.bb.bb.54. but if I
> try to ping the dom0 gateway that is bb.bb.bb.62 i cannot pint it neither
> any computer on the network

Is it possible that your IT department have implemented MAC address
filtering in the physical network infrastructure? This would cause the
frames using the guest's MAC address to be filtered.

> then I also tried to create a new domU and selected the interface as virtual
> network default : NAT and then from this domU everythings works perfect.
> i can ping the gateway that is bb.bb.bb.62 and also any computer on our
> network and also internet works fine

In this case all external traffic would have dom0's MAC+IP, so this fits
with the filtering theory.


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