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Re: [Xen-users] [Xen-devel] [Vote] Proposal: Moving XCP binaries to XenServer.org

On Tue, 2014-02-18 at 19:23 +0000, Lars Kurth wrote:
> Hi all,
> I wanted to propose to move the legacy XCP binaries from
> XenProject.org to XenServer.org. With XenServer being fully open
> source and XCP basically being a variant of XenServer, it would make a
> lot more sense to keep all these binaries with XenServer.org. The fact
> that we have XCP and XenServer.org in two different places has led to:
> * fragmentation of the XCP user community 
> * it is also a constant source of confusion in the user community
> In a nutshell many people don't know whether they should go to
> XenServer.org to ask XCP related questions or whether to ask them on
> XenProject.org. As a result many questions remain unanswered. Russell
> and me spend a lot of our time, pointing people to the right place
> and/or cross-posting.

As do I, from xen-users@ -> xen-api@xenproject/xs-devel@xenserver.

>  I was hoping things would get better over time, but they have not
> improved.
> When the Xen Project was created, there was no real alternative but to
> keep XCP as part of the Xen Project. With XenServer being fully open
> source, and being established, there is no reason why we can't clean
> up some of the confusion. In my opinion we really should do this.
> This proposal does *not* affect the XAPI project : the XAPI project
> would continue to develop the XAPI toolstack as part of the Xen
> Project (and deliver source "releases"). In fact, I would also propose
> to make the xapi mailing list a developer mailing list. This fits much
> better with how the Hypervisor and MirageOS projects are run and
> creates an overall cleaner and easier to understand model for the Xen
> Project. 

If xen-api@ becomes a devel focused list then what would be the
appropriate place to redirect user requests to? xs-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx?
What about for xapi users who are not based on xenserver?

> == Who and how to vote? ==
> As this is not an entirely project local decision, I propose that
> according to http://xenproject.org/governance.html
> - Members of all developer mailing lists (including the user lists) on
> Xenproject.org can review the proposal and voice an opinion
> - Maintainers of all mature projects and the Xenproject.org community
> manager are allowed to vote : these are maintainers of xen-devel and
> xen-api
> You would vote by replying "+1"


> If you don't care vote "0"
> If you object, vote "-1", which must include an alternative proposal
> or a detailed explanation of the reasons for the negative vote.
> Please vote by Feb 25th 
> Best Regards
> Lars
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