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[Xen-users] Monday Feb 24 is Xen Project Document Day preparing for the 4.4 Release

Monday is our monthly Xen Project Document Day.

However, this Document Day is special -- it is the prep day for our
impending 4.4 release.

We have a good amount of solid documentation for 4.3, but we need to
update to cover 4.4.  The greatest software in the world is worthless
unless people understand how to use it.  If you are still looking for
a way to contribute to the upcoming release, your opportunity has

Never participated in a Document Day before?  All the info you'll need is here:


Looking for something which needs attention beside the 4.4 release?
Look at the current TODO list:


If you haven't requested to be made a Wiki editor, just fill out the form below:


Hope to see you in Freenode IRC #xendocs on Monday!


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