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Re: [Xen-users] xen-tools centos-6 install

On Mon, 2014-04-14 at 15:06 -0500, John McMonagle wrote:
> Hope it's OK to ask xen-tools questions here.

It's OK but since xen-tools is a separate project with its own lists etc
you might find you get more answers over on those lists

> I'm trying to install centos-6 with debian wheezy xen 4.1.4-3 xen-tools 
> 4.3.1-1.
> ran
> xen-create-image --hostname=centos --install-method=rinse\
>  --dist=centos-6  --dhcp
> also tried separately with --pygrub
> It gets most of the way and says "running hooks" and just hangs.
> Does not create /etc/fstab or /etc/xen/centos.cfg

Since I think xen-tools is mostly just shell scripts I'd expect the "ps"
would be able to tell you what it was doing -- i.e. which subprocess was
blocked and/or slow. strace might help too.

> Been a long time since I tried this but I recall that it used to work.
> Any ideas?
> Any suggestions for an alternative way to create centos-6 guest?

It would be better to report the bug to the xen-tools guys and get it
fixed than to route around it IMHO.


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