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Re: [Xen-users] Figuring out a Storage system tailored for Xen

+1 for LVM

I personally use SW raid (also HW raid where I have suitable hardware) and LVM. 
Just create whatever volumes you need for your guests and pass these through as 
virtual bare drives.

H. Sieger <powerhouse.linux@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> To access the guest LV from dom0, you need to use kpartx (you can't just 
> mount the LV).

That depends on what you do with it.
I don't partition inside the guest - I just format the raw volume. That means 
it's easy to mount in Dom0 with just something like "mount 
/dev/vgmain/someguestroot /mnt". However, I believe that for some guests it can 
be tricky to get them to accept a "drive" that isn't partitioned - you 
certainly need to remember when running tools within the guest ! You can reduce 
the potential for confusion by careful naming of guest drives - so for example 
I tend to use xvda[123] and so on rather than xvd[abc] which means the fstab 
looks "more normal".

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