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Re: [Xen-users] xenstore /vm/$uuid cleared on domU reboot - bug or feature

On 04/24/14 16:24, Ian Campbell wrote:
>>> The /vm path stores configuration information for a domain. This
>>> information doesn't change and is indexed by the domain's UUID.
>> Unfortunately, I found this not being true. The information does change,
>> on a domU restart. The path is the same (provided I use static UUID in
>> the xl cfg file), but all old contents is gone.
>> Is that expected?
> Yes. I think this is probably down to a silly syntactic quibble:
> A "domain" in Xen is strictly speaking a one off entity which is
> created, lives for a while, and is then destroyed, it is never restarted
> and has no other lifecycle.

That what I was afraid of â my early assumptions were wrong.

>> Using own 'root' namespace for my per-domU data would have some
>> inconvenieces, like that I will need to remove it when the VM is
>> _finally_ gone.
> That's right.
> It is quite likely that your need is going to have to be solved at the
> toolstack i.e. "guest" layer, where that sort of lifecycle of create,
> reboot, shutdown exists as a concept.

Then I need start implementing thatâ that won't be as easy as abusing
/vm/, but still can be done.

Thanks for the clarification.


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