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[Xen-users] Reminder: Tomorrow is Xen Project Document Day!

Just a reminder that we are trying a mid-week Doc Day tomorrow.

In response to scheduling issues experienced by a number of people, we
are holding this month's Document Day tomorrow, Wednesday, to
encourage participation, as we seek to improve our Wiki-based

The complete details for Document Days can be found here:


And the current list issues which community members have marked as
needing attention can be found in the TODO list:


Let me call out a couple pages from the TODO which really need
updating from someone who knows the current information:


These are two pages which new users rely on.  They both need review
and updating to reflect the current state of affairs.  Even if you
only know about one distribution, do that update and bring us that
much closer to completion!

If you haven't requested to be made a Wiki editor, save time
and do it now so you are ready to go on Document Day.  Just fill out
the form below:


I hope to see you in #xendocs on Freenode IRC tomorrow!


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