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Re: [Xen-users] Xentop CPU usage

> While checking out why our windows 2008 domU is 'slow' according to my boss, 
> I stumbled upon something interesting:
> - The windows 2008 server (using GPLPV drivers claims to have 
> nearly no cpu usage, in multiple places like the taskmanager, process 
> explorer etc I see only 5-10% cpu usage at max.
> - In xentop I see the win2008 domU constantly using 150-200% cpu?!
> Can someone explain this huge difference?

So basically you are saying that your task manager from domU shows
things are idle, but like what 1-5% ? And on the other hand xentop from
dom0 shows a much bigger consumption, like 150-200%. Correct ?

Measuring from dom0 should be more accurate than domU, no mistake about
that. However it seems your domU is using 2 VPUs, probable more or less
which you cant see in domU. 

Try to record data from domU and dom0 as time series and compare them in
long run. xentop is a nice tool but things could be improved:
documentation, time series collection, etc. I put together a wrapper for
it, called xenrec using Perl5. Works on Linux.

Some pointers:


Stefan Parvu <sparvu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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