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[Xen-users] Kernel configuration options that interact with both Xen and fglrx?

I have an Ubuntu 14.04 system that I am trying to get Xen running on (so far I'm just trying to get Dom0 working properly, I haven't tried setting up any DomU's yet). With the stock Ubuntu kernel, my Dom0 actually does boot, but displays the issue described here: http://lists.xen.org/archives/html/xen-users/2014-04/msg00195.html

This message, however, regards a different issue: I have compiled a custom kernel, which boots without trouble without Xen, but on which Xorg hangs as soon as it starts under Xen. The hang is the result of an fglrx bug, which I had previously only seen to be triggered by two applications in fairly specific, reproducible, and avoidable situations. I had previously encountered the bug under both the default and custom kernels without Xen. For whatever reason, the combination of my custom kernel and Xen causes the fglrx bug to be triggered as soon as Xorg is launched. Neither Xen with the default kernel nor my custom kernel on its own triggers the fglrx bug immediately upon the launch of Xorg.

My question is this: Can anybody give advice as to what kernel configuration options might interact with both Xen and fglrx to produce this behavior? The bug itself is squarely in fglrx's court (and reporting it to AMD went nowhere), but something in my kernel configuration seems to be triggering it. Running ./scripts/diffconfig from the top of the kernel source tree gives ~2500 lines of output (which I've attached for reference), so I'd like to narrow my search space a bit, rather than running one or two thousand kernel compiles to find the option that's triggering this.

Jon Brase

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