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Re: [Xen-users] Cheap IOMMU hardware and ECC support importance

David Sutton <kantras@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> To confirm; if by 'Phenom 965' you are referring to the "Phenom II X4
> 965"

That's the one.

> (which I have in the xen-enabled desktop machine in front of me) then
> power-wise its similar to the AMD FX 8350 (which I have in the XenServer
> instance behind me) - both are 125W TDP (unless you have the 140W TDP
> variant of the 965) If the motherboard supported it, you could even look at
> a 8320.

Interesting, IIRC the 8350 was criticised a lot for it's power
consumption.  Now there's indication that it even uses less than the

8320?  That's AM3+ already.

> But since your motherboard only supports an AM3 chipset, that does really
> limit your options.

Perhaps I could switch to another board; they shouldn't cost a fortune
off ebay.  But what would provide a /significant/ increase in
performance without costing money big time?

For what I'm doing, what I have is fast enough, and it works reliably.
Overall fps rates with a single application could be better, yet if I
have to, I can change graphics settings and keep them decent.  It's not
a big deal, and higher fps rates make the graphics card draw more power
to the point at which my UPS starts beeping because it can't handle that

So I can't see spending a lot of money to resolve a very minor issue.
Considering I'd get UEFI and uncontrolled remote management doesn't
make it appealing at all to buy something new, even if I had the money.

Knowledge is volatile and fluid.  Software is power.

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