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Re: [Xen-users] Cheap IOMMU hardware and ECC support importance

Kuba <kuba.0000@xxxxx> writes:

>> W dniu 2014-07-06 14:20, lee pisze:
>>> Kuba <kuba.0000@xxxxx> writes:
>> I think that it doesn't matter what the line starts with and that people
>> do not always know what they are doing.  Besides, what a line starts
>> with is configurable.
> I'd change it to "?" for users and "!" for root.

or make it red for root

> Snapshot replicated to another set of disk on another machine
> qualifies for me as a backup. When you take a snapshot, it's stored on
> the same pool, so if you loose the pool, you loose the snapshots too.

And when you replicate it to the other machine, it's not a snapshot
anymore but a copy like a backup?

> Please don't get me wrong, but if you find that interesting maybe it
> would benefit you more to read some docs or howtos and try it for
> yourself instead of trying to learn about a thing you've never touched
> by asking questions? I'm no expert on the subject, so chances are I'd
> unintentionally provide you with information that's incorrect.

The documentation might do that as well.  And yes, I'm getting to the
point at which I should try it out.

> Copying data without any form of checksumming (even done manually) is
> like rolling dice for me.

Wow, that's quite a statement.  Do you checksum every bit of data you
copy in some way?

Knowledge is volatile and fluid.  Software is power.

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