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Re: [Xen-users] Cheap IOMMU hardware and ECC support importance

Gordan Bobic <gordan@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> On 07/06/2014 01:20 PM, lee wrote:

> By your analogy, it might as well be like the difference between a
> disk and a photo of a disk.

Ok, that makes some sense :)

> Define "silently". I don't see any difference between the two cases.

see my previous post

>>>> And how do you know when to replace a disk?  When there's one error or
>>>> when there are 50 or 50000 or when the disk has been disconnected?
>>> I believe it's up to you to interpret the data you're presented with
>>> and make the right decision. I really wish I could formulate a
>>> condition that evaluates to true or false telling me what should I do
>>> with a disk.
>> RAID controllers make that easy for you --- not necessarily better, but
>> easier.
> You mean by doing the deciding for you?

Yes, I replace a disk when it has failed, plain and simple.

Knowledge is volatile and fluid.  Software is power.

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