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[Xen-users] xl migrate on xen 4.4

Dear all,
I want to perform xl migrate.
I have built and install xen 4.4 on ubuntu14.04.
vm is installed using gvncviewer with basic .cfg file.

/dev/vg0/ub1 is logical volume (lvm) where vm disk image existed.
i have mounted /dev/vg0 to hostm/c's /dev/vg0
 when i write xl migrate vm(id) host(ip)
it gives error:
/dev/vg0/ub1 no  such file or directory existed.  (here, ub1 is lvm)
in the same it is giving:
disk vdev=hda failed to stat
domain createtion failed (code -3)
my questio is whether logical volume (lvm) is able to share between
two hosts or not.
what is the solution to work with migrating lvm disk image for vm migration.

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