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[Xen-users] QDISK RBD/Ceph backend parameters


I want to use qdisk to access images stored on a ceph cluster (using
xl on xen 4.4).

Something like this works :
disk = ['rbd:mypool/myimage,raw,xvdb,w,backendtype=qdisk' ]

However I need to setup some optiosn for it to give to qemu (to pass
down to librbd), like for example which user to login as on the
cluster (for the example above, I had disabled auth).

So I need to give something like this to qemu "rbd:mypool/myimage:id=myuser"

Hoever if I try to use :
disk = ['rbd:mypool/myimage:id=myuser,raw,xvdb,w,backendtype=qdisk' ]

I get a syntax error from libxl when parsing the disk spec ...

So how can I escape it properly ?



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