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[Xen-users] Fw: about building xen on ubuntu

> Dear all,
> I
> have tried xen4.4 on ubuntu14.04 but LVM mounting is an
> issue that i don't able to solve.
> I tried with xen4.4+ubuntu14.04 with
> libvirt but libvirtd is not fully supported so i can't
> able to install vm.
> now i want to build xen on
> ubuntu so give me steps:
> please give suggestions for xen earlier version(3.4 or other
> ) with xm toolstack on ubuntu12.04 or earlier because i find
> that xl has some issues which is under study. for xl
> migration i can't resolve some issues....so i want to
> switch back xm migrate ....
> if i use apt-get install xen then it doesn't give me
> tools/libxc support so anybody knows about how to work with
>  xen source....
> Thanks

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