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Re: [Xen-users] Network connections stalling - Debian Linux domU's

Am 22.07.14 18:24, schrieb "Størner.Henrik Juul HSO":

One observation: It seems to happen only with IPv4. If I connect to the
server using IPv6, everything runs fine - mail, sftp etc is OK. Are
there any IP- or TCP-settings that could cause this?

It may be a long shot, but have you checked that the IPv4 addresses on both ends involved in the data transfer refer the correct MAC address of the ethernet interface of the other end? You can use
        # arp -a
at various times during the transfer to see that information.

I recall having experienced similar problems which I could track down to ARP issues due to a misconfiguration outside of XEN. In my case the ARP MAC address of the dom0 (physical) interface changed its value and therefore any transfer stalled.

At that time I was able to get to the base of the issue by monitoring the transfer between the two endpoints using tcpdump on the xenbr0 interface.

Regards Atom2

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