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[Xen-users] xenstore-write size limit


I have been playing with ClickOSÂhttps://github.com/cnplab/clickos
It is a Click modular router running on (MiniOS based) Xen VM (domU).

In order to run Click, one needs to write Click configuration to the domU via xenstore-write. While I've got simple configurations up-and-running, I'm struggling to run NAT configuration https://github.com/cnplab/clickos/blob/master/conf/mazu-nat.click

I guess the problem is to do with a data size I'm writing via xenstore-write. When I write entire mazu-nat.click file (~7 KB) viaÂ

$Âxenstore-write /local/domain/$DOMID/clickos/0/config/0 "`cat mazu-nat.click`"

it gives me a following error message (the same appears inÂ/var/log/xen/xen-hotplug.log)

"xenstore-write: could not write path /local/domain/13/clickos/0/config/0"

However, when I reduce the mazu-nat.click size (by deleting some lines) down to around 4 KB, xenstore-write does not give any error message and VM runs successfully. But in order to run NAT logic correctly, I need to write entire Click configuration (mazu-nat.click it is around ~5 KB even after all redundant lines/comments are deleted).

I could not find any relevant information from xenstore reference at http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/XenStore_Reference nor from the mailing list about maximum size of data possible to write via xenstore-write. Can someone please help?

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