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Re: [Xen-users] Xen + DRBD for live migration working

On 06/08/14 21:45, Minalkumar Patel wrote:

 Today i reached migration of logical volume using DRBD.  I used ubuntu 12.04 with follwoing link:


i am not clear with these:
a) DRBD resource is configured per vm so it can migrate logical volume using that resource....but when i fire
lvdisplay it shows me migrated vm in list(in source) but /dev/logical volume not found because it is migrated to destination.
why still entry in lvdisplay??

From the URL you posted, it isn't very clear, but I imagine that you will create an LV on both servers, then DRBD will connect the two LV's together, and then you will use Xen/Remus to run the VM writing to DRBD. I've been feeling most remus related discussion on the list, due to interest, but not yet used it, so I'm not sure how it handles both VM's writing to the same "disk". I assume DRBD proto D has something to do with this, and if both machines write the same data, then I guess it should be OK.

In any case, in my scenario, I use xen to run VM's, which talk to iSCSI, which is actually two machines. Each san machine has LV's for each VM, these are then "connected" with DRBD, and then the DRBD volume is exported via iSCSI for xen. So regardless of which san is currently the iscsi server, lvdisplay will always show all disks. However, /proc/drbd will show which server is "Primary".

Again, with remus, it sounds like both servers will be Primary though.

Perhaps a better suggestion would be to show the output that you are seeing, and describe why you think it is wrong (if the above doesn't help).

I'd be very interested to hear if you get this working, or from anyone who is successfully using remus in production. There are some VM's that are important enough where the overhead would be reasonable.


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