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[Xen-users] XEN/ARM XENFB howto

   This possibly could be a resend, as I did not see my post (that I
emailed out on Aug 17).
   I am looking for documentation on how to use XENFB on ARM. I did
see a post dated Dec 2013 from Peter
and discussions with Steffano and
Ian on how to achieve it. But, its not clear to me.

   I am trying to achieve this on the Odroid-XU (ARM based Exynos
5410). I am looking for the following:

1. qemu compilation upstream - I believe this has all the bits to
achieve it. Are there any special compile options. I ask this, as
qemu-system-arm seems to be spawned in dom0 with -M xenpv and I am not
able to compile this machine in qemu.
I do configure to build qemu with --enable-xen --target-list
arm-softmmu and the other options as mentioned in

Note that I am not trying to cross compile but am compiling qemu natively.

2. What are the options in the domU2 config file to achieve this.

3. Any thing else ... Like when domU2 is created, what mice/keyboard/fb
messages to look for, or in dom0 what backend driver output to look
for. Does this need a xorg.conf file etc ...

Thanks in advance
- Suriyan

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