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[Xen-users] GPLPV Uninstall Issues

We're in the process of doing a V2V conversion, and need to be able to get GPLPV drivers uninstalled from Windows 2008R2 VMs. Old hypervisor is CentOS-5, with Redhat's modified version of Xen, new hypervisor is VMWare.

Installed GPLPV driver is, uninstall post V2V results in the uninstaller hanging, and a entry for "GPL PV Drivers for Windows" being stuck in the installed programs list. I am able to successfully uninstall entries with names like "Windows Driver Package - Xen GPL PV*".

We've tried uninstall in safe mode + msiserver service, normal boot. Tried with and without NOGPLPV load option. Tried with and without turning off Xen Shutdown monitor service. Tried with and without installing VMWare tools.

Also tried upgrading to, and that ended up with two entries in installed programs list for "GPL PV Drivers for Windows", and a BSOD on boot post-V2V.

I'm looking for any suggestions on how to properly get the GPLPV drivers fully removed (other than rebuilding the VMs).

Thanks in advance
Fred Wittekind

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