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[Xen-users] 【Xen-devel】oxenstored: segment fault error

My platform is xen-4.1.2. I found segment faults in messages twice with no core files.

>First time:
Sep 4 02:11:23 ctuci240cna kernel: [3373822.121986] oxenstored[14929]: segfault at 3f853c96e2fd ip 00007f0a77d790a0 sp 00007fff0149ce00 error 4 in libc-2.11.3.so[7f0a77c54000+16f000]

>Second time:
Sep 12 15:17:35 ctuci240cna kernel: [683917.379385] oxenstored[5590]: segfault at d ip 000000000000000d sp 00007fff6c2b64e8 error 14 in oxenstored[400000+62000]
After this, some other process relied on oxenstored stuck.
So far, I haven’t found methods to reproduce this error.
Has anyone come across similar instances? Need your help.

Some information about the environment:
Platform: Xen-4.1.2
Dom0: suse11
Ocaml(to build oxenstored): Ocaml 3.00
Best regards.


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