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Re: [Xen-users] strange things with XEN GPL PLV network drivers


I've disabled both checksum offload and scatter/gather

but i still have the same problem...

So bad :-(

Emmanuel RIZZI
103 rue Beaupoil
Tel: 03 84 44 66 66
Fax: 03 84 44 62 00

Le 26/09/2014 09:49, Peter Gansterer a Ãcrit :
On 2014-09-26 09:38:35 Emmanuel RIZZI wrote:

Second problem is that I have a backup agent on the windows server who
talk to the master backup which is on the suse server.
Every time i run the backup, after a while, the connection is lost with
"Client session terminated (repair failed) with socket error (Erreur 51:
Ãchec du socket)"
Just a quick hint:
You can often read about problems (like random packet loss) with gplpv when 
keeping checksum offload or scatter/gather activated in the NIC driver. Maybe 
you can try if it makes a difference if you deactivate one or both of them.

- peter.

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