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[Xen-users] Storage Systems for Virtual Disk Images

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  • From: Eric <epretorious@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 17:34:21 -0700
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Hello, All:

I'd built a highly-available, redundant iSCSI SAN in our lab a while back as a proof of concept (using Linux-HA, DRBD, and the Linux iSCSI Target Framework) and it worked pretty well but, as I'm getting ready to build the infrastructure for our [production] cloud, I'm wanting to re-examine the topic again but I just haven't got enough time to sift through all of the outdated or speculative information on the Internet so I'm reaching out to the list for some guidance on hosting virtual disk images.

e.g., I'm curious about other distributed, clustered storage systems (e.g., Gluster, Ceph, Sheepdog, etc); other SAN technologies besides iSCSI (e.g., AoE), and; various targets. e.g., There are at least four different iSCSI targets available for Linux:
And, there are currently five different AoE targets available for Linux:
  • vblade, a userspace daemon that is part of the aoetools package.
  • kvblade, a Linux kernel module.
  • ggaoed, a userspace daemon that takes advantage of Linux-specific performance features.
  • qaoed, a multithreaded userspace daemon.
  • aoede, a userspace daemon with experimental protocol extensions.
I know that it's a lot to ask, but I really need help with this enormous topic and I'd be thankful for any experience, knowledge, or guidance here.

Eric Pretorious
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