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Re: [Xen-users] Can't ping gateway on new host


I just got this working by swapping the mac addresses in the interfaces'
cfg-ethX files.  Now to figure out why and how this worked?  At least
the box is online.

Thank you for your help.

On 10/21/14, 9:58 AM, George Ficzeri wrote:
> Thanks for the reply, Ian.
> On 10/21/14, 4:24 AM, Ian Campbell wrote:
>> On Mon, 2014-10-20 at 16:32 -0500, George Ficzeri wrote:
>>> Greetings,
>>> I hope this is the correct place to go to ask for help.  I've inherited
>>> a Xen server that hosts 5 FreePBX servers.  I've installed FreePBX on a
>>> sixth, but cannot for the life of me get networking working.  I have
>>> assigned two static addresses to my two interfaces in the guest machine,
>>> but cannot ping the gateway, and am not seeing arp.
>> You have two devices and so gateways, do neither of them work or are the
>> problems only with one?
> Both.  I made a mistake earlier in that the interface
> does not have a gateway.  I understand now that this interface is used
> to talk to the handsets.  eth1 ( is where I should be
> able to get out to the Internet from.
>>> Ifconfig from the xen guest (copy,paste doesn't work for me over VNC)
>>> eth0
>>> IP:
>>> GW:
>> Silly question, but since this appears to be the first/only VM on VLAN
>> 115, are you sure that is on the correct VLAN?
>> Is br115/VLAN115 something you setup fresh for this new VM or is it a
>> preexisting known good setup?
> It was copied from a shutdown preexisting setup.  I changed the .conf
> file to boot to an .iso to install the OS.
>> [...]
>>> I noticed there's some matching in the mac addresses.  I tried changing
>>> one (thinking it was conflicting) and it stopped working until I changed
>>> the mac back.
>> It is a little unconventional, but the fact that they are on different
>> VLAN's might save you? (I'm not sure of this, since they do eventually
>> go over the same trunk).
>> The fact that things broke when you changed it makes me want to ask if
>> you have any MAC address filtering going on, either in dom0 or perhaps
>> in your infrastructure switches.
>> Assuming none of the above leads to a solution I think the next step
>> would be to tcpdump each interface along the way (so
>> tapN->br115->peth1.115->peth1->offbox) and see if you can identify how
>> far the traffic is getting before it gets squelched.
> Thanks.  I will check on this and if not tcpdump the interfaces.
>> Ian.
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