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[Xen-users] Cosmetic issue (Sent packages always 0) with GPLPV Drivers in WXP x64

After finally managing to install the GPLPV Drivers under WXP x64 (Tip: If 
you're using an nLited ISO, do NOT tick the Performance/Disable WBEM Logging on 
the Tweaks section, is needed by the installer. Applies to WXP SP3 too, that's 
how I found it), I've noticed what seems a simple, cosmetic error. Attached are 
two screenshots: One is for gplpv_2003x64_0.11.0.372.msi, and the other 
for gplpv_2003x64_0.11.0.398.msi. I noticed that in all versions after 372 I 
checked, including the latest 1105, the Local Area Connection doesn't informs 
about sent packages, which at first seems a bit misleading making you believe 
you have no connection, but it seems to work properly anyways.
Because there aren't publicily released binaries between and I couldn't check the exact changeset which broke that. If you tell 
me how to use the debug versions of the Drivers to check if its more easy to 
pinpoint what changeset it was, I'l give that a try. I can consistently 
uninstall newer Drivers and installing the older 0.372 and get that consistent 

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