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Re: [Xen-users] sending ctrl+alt+f# key to domU

On Wed, 2014-11-12 at 06:24 +0000, ììì wrote:
> Hello Xen,
> My domU's ubuntu desktop is dead while booting. But I can see that the
> console is alive. So, I would like to hit "Ctrl+Alt+F#" to enter the
> console of domU,
> but, it is take by dom0 and enters dom0's console. Is there any way to
> send domU's console by emulating a key-event of Ctrl+Alt+F#?

Are you using SDL or VNC to access the guest?

If SDL, then I think clicking the window will "grab" the mouse and
keyboard to allow you to enter these sorts of things.

Since this is just qemu I expect this might also work:
Although you might need to manually enable the monitor somehow.

If you are using VNC then I think it depends on the client, some have a
menu item to send various special keys, if yours doesn't then you could
try another. (I'm not being intentionally vague I just don't actually
have a specific one to recommend, sorry)


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