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[Xen-users] solved: very strange problem: memory memory?

lee <lee@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi,
> does xen, or do domUs, somehow remember how much memory they had
> assigned to them?
> I've upgraded the memory of the server from 8GB to 36GB (8x4 + 4*1 GB),
> following the instructions in the manual about how to populate the
> banks.  So far, the server is running fine.
> I have a VM which used to have 'memory = 3107' in its configuration.
> When I change the number to 10240 or 8192 or 4096 or even 3110, the VM
> crashes early during the boot process.  Change it back to 3107 and the
> VM runs fine.
> There are other domUs that crash when they are booting when I change the
> amount of memory assigned to them, like from 384MB to 512MB.  Change it
> back to 384MB and the VM runs fine.  Only for two or three VMs, I was
> able to increase the memory.
> Dom0 and all domUs are running Debian Wheezy.
> Any idea what's going on here?  Am I doing something wrong?
> The only thing that comes to mind is that for some reason, there's a
> strange problem with RAM modules of different sizes.  But if that's the
> case, why is the server (IBM x3650 l2g) running fine?

I think I found out what it was:  Instead of chaning the memory setting,
I changed the maxmemory setting and thus had the memory setting
commented out.  So I guess the VMs crashed during boot because they ran
out of memory.

Perhaps there should be a warning printed when creating a VM with
unspecified memory settings, or with insufficient/very little memory ...

Again we must be afraid of speaking of daemons for fear that daemons
might swallow us.  Finally, this fear has become reasonable.

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