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Re: [Xen-users] Public IP on a domU

On 11/12/14 08:53, Marco Guazzone wrote:
I have a server with 2 public IP, say IP1 e IP2.
This server runs a domU

I'd like to setup a network such that:

IP1 -> dom0
IP2 -> domU

How can I do that?

Note, I'm not a Xen expert, so sorry if this question is trivial.

Thank you very much

First, setup the dom0 as a normal xen networking config (ie, create a bridge, attach your physical interface to the bridge, and configure one of the IP addresses to the bridge interface.

Second, setup the domU, assign a virtual network card using the above bridge, within the domU, assign the networking interface exactly like this was a normal physical machine connected to the network (ie, assign the second IP to the eth0 interface).

Hope that provides some clues/help. If not, please read the basic networking howto for xen for your distribution, and come back with more specific questions.


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