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[Xen-users] Windows 7 on Xen and access to Display card?

Hi Xen users,

I am new to Xen and unsure if Xen would offer what I have in mind, I'll explain in details what I need and I hope someone
would help me to figure out if it's the right solution for me.

I currently own a couple of laptops to do my work and I prefer to have one remote server to work with laptops used only as a client.
My wife has an old windows laptop to do her work and I feel it's about time for an upgrade. I'm thinking of getting ourselves
a strong tower (perhaps 12 cores, 32Gb RAM) and share it between both of us. She would need physical access to her Windows 7
instance with two monitors, speakers, camera and mic. I'd be happy just running SSH, I might need X in the future but it would definitely be via VNC.

Given the needs above:
  1. What tower would work best running Xen (for hardware visualization that is), I'm looking for about $1500 for just the tower. From the community experience, any preference on brand or model?
  2. Is it possible for the windows guest OS to access Display-port (or HDMI) to drive two monitors? How about sound and camera?
  3. Is it possible to restrict access to video card, camera and all peripherals to the windows guest? My linux instances for coding just need CPU, RAM and network.
I am OK building my own tower if Xen's support for hardware is not really found in one pre-assembled model (as in support for the video card and the sound card that comes in one tower).

Thanks and happy holidays.

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