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[Xen-users] Partial data loss after incomplete xen shutdpwn

Sorry, I am completely new to mail lists but I hope someone can give me a hint how to recover data... This morning we had a power breakdown and our servers were shutdown. DOM0 received shutdown from ups so it forced all domUs to shutdown. Unfortunately time left was not sufficient to save state of 800GB samba domU. After power was available again, I tried to reboot the machine. Two domUs booted up without any problem, but third domU does not boot. When mounting domUs lvm root partition in dom0 I can see only parts of original filesystem content. E.g /home is missing, but /var is there. Df states omly some few % of disk usage altough disk used to be almost full before crash. Any suggestions how I can get data back? Thanks for any hints!!! Stephan
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