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[Xen-users] Xen-ringwatch flooding with alerts

Hi ,

xen-ringwatch flooding with below alertsÂ

Subject: Cron <root@xenDOM0> xen-ringwatch check -T3 --kick | logger -p daemon.crit -t RINGWATCH-ALERT
To: root

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/usr/sbin/xen-ringwatch", line 593, in ?
 File "/usr/sbin/xen-ringwatch", line 414, in update
  entry = RingWatch.new(ring)
 File "/usr/sbin/xen-ringwatch", line 357, in new
  state = ring.read()
 File "/usr/sbin/xen-ringwatch", line 136, in read
  state = RingState.from_sysfs(self.path())
 File "/usr/sbin/xen-ringwatch", line 223, in from_sysfs
  req = cls.Req.from_sysfs(_req, size=nr_ents)
 File "/usr/sbin/xen-ringwatch", line 240, in from_sysfs
  raise Exception, "Malformed %s input: %s" % \
NameError: global name 's' is not defined

Is there any one can help on ?


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