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Re: [Xen-users] test

Thanks Simon.

> Jintack Lim <jintack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> However, when I connected to a school router,
>> then dom0 gets a public ip address that I can access via ssh from anywhere.
>> However domU's network is not working.
>> More specifically, "dhclient eth0" never returns.
>> I'm using a static ip address for dom0,
>> and it is assigned automatically by the router since dom0's MAC
>> address is registered.
>> Is there anyway that I can get a public ip address for domU without
>> using my own router?
> Sounds like the school network has some form of access control and your DomU
> isn't registered.

Yes, it turned out that my school network prevents VMs from getting IP

I'm sorry that I'm not able to add Simon to recipient, since I was not
subscribing the mailing list then.

> You may have to assign it a static MAC and "sign in" that MAC to the school's
> network system.
> Or there may be access controls that limit the MACs allowed on a single switch
> port - in which case you'll be restricted to one "device" with networking
> connected to that port. In that case, you'd need to use NAT (MASQ) to hide all
> nut one device behind one IP & MAC - unless you can get the network admin to
> lift the restriction.
> IN any case, depending on the network admins, it may be worth talking to them
> about it. *IF* they are clued up about networking then they may well be able 
> to
> tell you what the problem & solution is. On the other hand, they may know
> nothing about networking (other than how to manage the admin system on it) and
> be completely unable to help. Sadly, I've come across "a few" network admins
> who make me wonder how they got the job (how do you become a network admin if
> you don't even know the basics of IP addressing) :-/


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