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[Xen-users] Newbie question on network and VM management

Hi gurus,

I am new to Xen and I have 2 questions on network and VM management. I installed Xen 4.2.2 with CentOS6.6 as Dom0.

There is a need to create several VMs that will be talking to each other and not to outside world.

To make things simple I played with XenServer with XenCenter for couple of days. It looks very simple ala vSphere. I easily created the network and the VMs. Now I need to repeat that on 'real' Xen server.

What would be my XL cli equivalent to create:

Â- isolated network
Â- a VM with an eth0 connected that to network
Â- how to create a VM and install OS from a ISO cd image

Is there a simple doc explaining real life examples?


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