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[Xen-users] XEN-SHELL2 published

Dear Xen Users,

as discussed and requested here some monthes ago, i've published our fork of 
the outdated xen-shell project (from Steve Kemps - many many thanx to him at 
this place for his excellent work in the past at the code) which was 
unfortunately not longer compaible to newer XEN installations using the newer 
XL stack and seems not longer maintained.

XEN-SHELL2 allows to provide an very simplified and secure console based 
access to different Domains of a Domain user on a XEN Host, providing typical 
"self-service" commands as i.e. usual in virtual hosting environments.

Our major goal was to make XEN-SHELL usable under newer XENs with XL stack, 
but further we want to clean out (i.e. for security reasons) and make it 
suitable for more platform independent usage. See Changes/Features/ToDo for 
more details.

The initial project page is found at:

Current Downloads can be found / fetched at:

The version is still marked as an alpha release, but is used productive in 
several scenarios covering the full requirements of the users and without any 
bugs found. 

Pls feel free to test, use, help and/or contact me in case of further ideas 
and questions.

many thanks and cheerioh,


 Niels Dettenbach
 Syndicat IT & Internet
 PGP: https://syndicat.com/pub_key.asc

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