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[Xen-users] Debian 7 Dom0, Debian 8 DomU: Failed to start Login Service

Hello Xen Users :-)

Can this bug be triggered by Xen?  It is unlikely Debian 8 has such an
obvious bug.

Boot message: [FAILED] Failed to start Login Service.

What was done ...

On an established production Dom0 running Debian 7 Wheezy with multiple
DomUs, all running Debian 7 Wheezy, created a DomU and installed Debian
8 (= Jessie aka testing) in it with:

xen-create-image \
    --broadcast= \
    --dist=testing \
    --fs=ext4 \
    --gateway= \
    --hostname web2.hidden.org \
    --ip= \
    --lvm=blav2 \
    --memory=2G \
    --mirror=http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/ \
    --netmask= \
    --size=30G \

Edited the resulting /etc/xen/web2.hidden.org.cfg:

# diff /etc/xen/web2.hidden.org.cfg{.org,}
> extra       = 'ipv6.disable=1'
< memory      = '2G'
> memory      = '2048'
< vif         = [ 'ip=
,mac=00:16:3E:E3:6D:F7,vifname=vif103.0' ]
> vif         = [ 'ip=, mac=00:16:3E:E3:6D:F7,
script=/etc/xen/scripts/vif-bridge, vifname=vif103.0' ]

Created the DomU:

# cd /etc/xen && xl create web2.hidden.org.cfg

Was able to ping it but not to ssh into it.  Used xl console to connect
to the console where saw the message above.

This was the second attempt; three weeks ago we saw the same error.

What to do?



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