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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Help


On 12 March 2015 05:49:48 GMT+00:00, "Steffan A. Cline" <steffan@xxxxxxxxx> 
>Which list is best for overall xen help? I've been trying to get a
>VM up and running for a while but am not having any success.
This one. Running a Windows VM is pretty trivial, although if you're trying to 
do VGA passthrough that increases the complexity (but not immediately. Get your 
VM to work without passthrough before getting it to work with).

Anyway, the key to success is running a release or distribution provided 
version of Xen, not a current source code checkout. Use qemu-traditional for 
your device model - others may have had success with upstream 'qemu-xen' but 
I've found difficulty with shutdown and probable instability. Life is too short 
to debug currently.

Read the xl.cfg documentation and the lvm docs if you're using a raw lvm 
partition instead of a file to store your virtual disk. Once the VM is up and 
running, install the guest drivers to increase speed.

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