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[Xen-users] Add Physical Drive

Xen 4.4.1 on SLES12 as host OS. The guest OS is server 2012 R2. We added a Rackables SE3016 storage enclosure to this server. SLES12 see the HBA card and the drives in the SE3016. How do i make drives available to the VM? To be clear, i want to permanently add a physical drive(s) to the guest VM which is server 2012. I have read where you edit the virtualmachine config file:

disk = [ 'tap:aio:/var/lib/xen/images/rhel5vm01.dsk,xvda,w',\
'tap:aio:/xen/images/oracle.dsk,xvdb,w', ]

and to "hot" add:

xm block-attach comlag phy:/dev/vg0/vm_osol /dev/xvda3 w

The first suggestion above: can't seem to find the vm.config file in SLES12
The second suggestion above: xm does not work with 4.4.1 apparently but xl does. Still get invalid domain identifier

How do i make drives available to VM's?

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