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[Xen-users] usage questions for GRUB2 chainloader workaround when booting Xen 4.5 on UEFI

I'm setting up Xen 4.5 on linux/64.

The system's booted GRUB2+EFI.



booting Xen from GRUB2 needs, for now - until Xen 4.5 , a chainloader 
workaround; example:

        menuentry 'Xen EFI' {
                insmod part_gpt
                insmod search_fs_uuid
                insmod chain
                chainloader (hd0,gpt1)/EFI/XEN/xen.efi

On my system, Xen pacakges install

        find / | egrep "xen.*\.efi$"

(1) Is 

        cp /usr/lib64/efi/xen.efi /<path>/<to>/EFI/XEN/xen.efi

correct for use in the chainloader stanza?

(2) IIUC, since the Xen pkgs are not installing xen.efi on the EFI partion, at 
every Xen upgrade the xen.efi has to be re-copied.  Correct?  Shouldn't pkgs 
install the .efi on the UEFI system partition?

(3) on a multi-disk system, "(hd0,gpt1)" can be vague.

Can the chainloader stanza use a definite UUID device spec instead?

On my system, with 

        mount | grep efi | grep ^/dev
                /dev/sdg2 on /boot/efi type vfat 

        blkid /dev/sdg2 -s UUID
                /dev/sdg2: UUID="94C3-29F3" 

Would this GRUB2 menuentry work?

        menuentry 'Xen EFI' {
                insmod part_gpt
                insmod search_fs_uuid
                insmod chain
                search --no-floppy --fs-uuid 94C3-29F3
                chainloader /EFI/XEN/xen.efi


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