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Re: [Xen-users] usage questions for GRUB2 chainloader workaround when booting Xen 4.5 on UEFI

On Sat, 2015-03-28 at 10:54 -0300, Carlos Gustavo Ramirez Rodriguez 
> > (2) IIUC, since the Xen pkgs are not installing xen.efi on the EFI
> partion, at every Xen upgrade the xen.efi has to be re-copied.
> Correct?  Shouldn't pkgs install the .efi on the UEFI system
> partition?
> >
> Reading throught the INSTALL file from the root folder of the xen
> source, you can read this excerpt:
> "
> Examples
> ========
> * To build a private copy of tools and xen:
> configure --prefix=/odd/path --sysconfdir=/odd/path/etc --enable-rpath
> make
> sudo make install BOOT_DIR=/ood/path/boot EFI_DIR=/odd/path/efi
> "
> Which will build you an EFI file at the exact spot you want It to be.
> I am not sure why they have trailed this path, but probably because of
> different folder schemes and conflicting use cases.

efi.markdown suggests to set EFI_VENDOR, which looks like it will do
exactly what is wanted here, i.e. install Xen
to /boot/efi/$(EFI_VENDOR)/xen.efi.


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