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[Xen-users] dom0 speed issues


I am running xen 4.2.5 on centos 6 with Areca raid controller I have 2 domUs on it ...which are passive most of the time. I had some complains about the speed on these domUs so I ran a test with fio. The speed on domU was ~4k iops and on dom0 ~10k iops which is really slow. I rebooted dom0 and the speed was fine again - ~22k iops and on domU around 10k. But after few hours the speed went down again ...I made few tests ....like didnt start any domUs just dom0 and the speed is going down again ....I have no idea what may cause this. Searched the internet, but no luck.

Can someone give me advice re this weird problem ?

Thanks in advance


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