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[Xen-users] help



We are testing the scripts provided byCitrix Ready” on our hardware infrastructure, and when we execute the logical steps that are required, it finally fails.

We have tried it on different servers, ports and switch without success.


Our Hardware:

IBM servers: X3550M4 witch Emulex OneConnect Ethernet Network Adapter.
Brocade switch interconnection IBM 2498
IBM disk cabin Stormwize V7000

The script command is the following one:
./XenCert Lvmohba -b -m -u <full path> /XenCert/blockunblockhbapathsBrocade-fc-and-switch-ip: username: password: <port1>, <port2>


This maps a 10Gb HBA LUN target and destroys it, evidence for I/O error, tests the multipath config, switch off the ports of the interconnect brocade and switch on again, and repeats this operation 100 times, in our case until the 19 iteration, because it finally fails:


Good one:

Iteration 3:


-> Blocking paths (ip:user:password)

    - Paths failover time: 29 seconds

    - Maximum IO completion time:  27.7039 seconds. Data: 1MB. Throughput:  37.8 kB/s

                                                                                                   PASS [Completed]

-> Unblocking paths, waiting for restoration.

                                                                                                   PASS [Completed 1 seconds]



Bad one:

Iteration 19:


-> Blocking paths (ip:user:password)

                                                                                                   FAIL [Thu May 28 18:16:35 2015]

- There was an exception while performing multipathing configuration tests.

  Exception:     - Paths did not failover within expected time.

                                                                                                   FAIL [Thu May 28 18:16:45 2015]

      Destroy the SR.

                                                                                                   PASS [Completed]

We’ve checked everything (hardware, server logs). We need to send the succesful results to:

Citrix Ready Online Application


We would appreciate some help on this to make it work permanently


Thanks in advance.


Marc Poll

Technical AreaSWHosting





Tel. 902 010 664 - Tel. Int. +34 972 010 550

Fax  902 510 664 - Fax Int.  +34 972 010 555


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