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Re: [Xen-users] OVMF and XEN - hangs on boot with pci-passthrough, not saving settings

On Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 11:12:19AM +0300, Alex Wakizashi wrote:
> Yes, course XEN is compiled with ovmf path, and as I mentioned above,
> have tried 2 versions of OVMF - both from XEN's GIT, and latest
> upstream OVMF from it's own repository.
> Both are booting fine with XEN without PCI passthrough, but regardless
> of EFI boot partition (0xef00 GPT, or 0xef MBR) it doesn't save
> values. I've seen file created in root of this partitions - but still
> not able to save values neither from UEFI itself, nor with
> efibootmanager under Linux.

I've been doing some more testing with this lately.  I am using a backported 
build of xen 4.5.0-1ubuntu4 for 
Ubuntu trusty and using the Xen provided OVMF rather than the external package. 
 When I use bcfg in the EFI 
shell my changes are saved to the NvVars file on the ESP (first partition, 
first disk on the IDE controller).  
efibootmgr in the Linux environment reports these values but changes are not 
saved (sensibly the firmware can't 
steal back control of the disk to update the NvVars file)

The better solution is the one that has been outlined where a separate "pflash" 
file is used.  I have tried 
adding device_model_args=[ "-drive", 
"file=/etc/xen/pflash.img,if=pflash,format=raw" ] to my xen config but that 
does not have the desired effect, presumably because of how hvmloader loads and 
invokes ovmf.

I think ./hw/i386/pc_sysfw.c from qemu shows how the pflash file gets mapped in 
to the memory space and roughly 
what hvmloader would have to do.


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