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[Xen-users] MINI-OS Blocked state


ÂÂÂ I already had Ubuntu 15.04 & I just installed package xen-hypervisor-amd64. Created Mini-OS as DomU. "xl list" command gave o/p as time=0.0 sec and state=blocked for MINI-OS.

"xl create -c domain_config" -Â MINI-OS readme says
Above command starts the kernel and prints out a bunch of stuff and then once every
second the system time.

But, I got following o/p.

Parsing config from domain_config
Xen Minimal OS!
 start_info: 000000000007c000(VA)
ÂÂÂ nr_pages: 0x2000
 shared_inf: 0xbc6bd000(MA)
ÂÂÂÂ pt_base: 000000000007f000(VA)
nr_pt_frames: 0x5
ÂÂÂ mfn_list: 000000000006c000(VA)
ÂÂ mod_start: 0x0(VA)
ÂÂÂÂ mod_len: 0
ÂÂÂÂÂÂ flags: 0x0
ÂÂÂ cmd_line:
ÂÂÂÂÂÂ stack: 000000000002b700-000000000004b700
MM: Init
ÂÂÂÂÂ _text: 0000000000000000(VA)
ÂÂÂÂ _etext: 000000000001766f(VA)
ÂÂ _erodata: 000000000001e000(VA)
ÂÂÂÂ _edata: 000000000001e4e0(VA)
stack start: 000000000002b700(VA)
ÂÂÂÂÂÂ _end: 000000000006bc38(VA)
 start_pfn: 87
ÂÂÂ max_pfn: 2000
Mapping memory range 0x400000 - 0x2000000
setting 0000000000000000-000000000001e000 readonly
skipped 1000
MM: Initialise page allocator for 95000(95000)-2000000(2000000)
MM: done
Demand map pfns at 2001000-0000002002001000.
Initialising timer interface
Initialising console ... done.
gnttab_table mapped at 0000000002001000.
Initialising scheduler
Thread "Idle": pointer: 0x00000000000a8070, stack: 0x00000000000b0000
Thread "xenstore": pointer: 0x00000000000a80d0, stack: 0x00000000000c0000
xenbus initialised on irq 1 mfn 0x336f95
Thread "shutdown": pointer: 0x00000000000a8130, stack: 0x00000000000d0000
kernel.c: dummy main: start_info=000000000004b700

What could be wrong? Is my installation correct? Kindly help me in running MINI-OS.


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