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Re: [Xen-users] GRUB2 randomly works on some hosts but not others?

On 09/10/2015 10:12 AM, Shaun Reitan wrote:

> This works fine on some of our hosts, but then just seams to hang on others.  
> When starting the guest i see the following...
> [root@devhostxxx ~]# xm create -c /home/username/vs.config
> Using config file "/home/username/vs.config".
> Started domain username (id=34)
>                                  [root@devhostxxx ~]#
> Then it just hangs from their.
> These hosts are CentOS 6 using the CentOS-Xen RPMS. Hosts are running Xen 
> version 4.4.1-8el6 and still using xend with xm commands
> Any idea what may be going on here? Or how i should go about debugging this 
> issue?

Are you trying to do testing of grub2, is that why you're checking out from git 
and building off of master instead of using a release?

That doesn't look like a hang if it's returning you to the dom0 prompt, it 
looks like a crash. Have you looked in xm dmesg or in any of the xen logs?

If you want help on why it hangs on some physical servers and not others, you 
need to provide details on how the physical servers differ.

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