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[Xen-users] Start xend service automatically on boot fails

Hello all,

I am trying to auto-start xend and xendomain service automatically on boot as soon as I log into XEN-dom0 (on Ubuntu server 12.04 x64) so that whey i type : `sudo xm list` the hypervisor lists me all the VMs ..

This is what I type to do that :Â

  sudo update-rc.d xend start
  sudo update-rc.d xendomains start

Also before that I am removing any system startup links for the service Âwith the following command : `sudo update-rc.d -f <service> remove`

Problem is every time I reboot after the above commands xend service still not started on boot and i have to type a command to start it .. any ideas what might be the problem ?Â

If i manually type `sudo xend start` .. sudo xm list command works fine. .

Thanks in advance

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