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[Xen-users] live migration between heterogeneous cpu


quick Q&A redirects me here [1].Â

I'm going to build a micro-cluster for internal services in our company. services run on both windows and linux. it is a fact that the cluster will grow up slowly and cpu diversity will be very probable.Â

While I do not know if an intel-amd mix will be present, for sure we already have started using different xeon E* families from either v2 or v3 generations (namely an E3-1220v2 will be "pooled" with either a E3-1220v3 or a E5-2609v3).

the question is: can I live migrate guests in this kind of scenario?Â

To be honest, live migration is not mandatory, but considering that some dependable services run on windows server, move the machine in offline migration from 1 cpu to another is not something I really like to do as windows OS itself will start complain about the move. Therefore I _guess_ that avoiding windows complains goes in parallel to live migration capabilities as this means that VM is not aware of the underling HW (maybe I'm wrong).


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