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Re: [Xen-users] PV DomU can't access disk from storage driver domain

El 18/09/15 a les 16.54, Alex Velazquez ha escrit:
> Hi Roger,
> Thanks for your reply. I got a bit further now, but still hit some errors.
> First, as you suggested, I started the xendriverdomain service via the
> init script (and have it start automatically on boot). "xl devd"
> starts as expected and creates a log file at /var/log/xen/xldevd.log.
> When I start the client DomU, it receives the disk and is able to boot
> from it. I can even log in, if I do it quickly. However, after a few
> seconds, the client locks up and I see this printed to the console:
>  [    9.938197] vbd vbd-51712: 16 Device in use; refusing to close
>  [    9.938524] vbd vbd-51712: failed to write error node for
> device/vbd/51712 (16 Device in use; refusing to close)

Can you print the xenstore related entries at this point (for both the
frontend and the backend)?

It's quite strange that a disk successfully connects and then
disconnects without any apparent reason. Does the kernel log (dmesg) in
the driver domain contain any hint about why it was disconnected?


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