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[Xen-users] Memory Tracing using XEN Hypervisor

I have a question regarding memory tracing in XEN,
I'l start by explaining my final goal, and then ask my question:
I want to be able to run a guest VM and intercept all memory read\write operations of VM.
The intercepting code will not be complicated and might be just a simple check.
For example: I might want to intercept all memory read\write operations and log if the VM tried to access a specific memory address (Lets say address 0x7fffffff).

My question is: Can this be done using a modified version of XEN ?
Does the hypervisor actually "see" all the memory read\write operations of the VM ?

I know this might sound "crazy" and not serious but we are a strong team of developers trying to solve a specific problem that requires fast memory tracing capabilities.
We are willing to make the effort and spend the time in order to get the job done.

Thanks a lot.
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