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Re: [Xen-users] Unable to create guest with more than 2gb of memory

On Thu, 2015-10-08 at 09:56 -0400, Marc Tousignant wrote:
> > 
> # cat /etc/xen/W2k12SQLTest.cfg

Looks fine to me.

FWIW you can normally omit these ones unless you know you have specific
cause to deviate from the defaults:
> shadow_memory = 8
> acpi = 1
> apic = 1

acpi+apic both default on and unless you have good reason to do so I
wouldn't recommend messing with shadow_memory.

(I mention this because a lot of people cargo cult these sorts of options
from older versions of Xen etc).

> OK, now this is weird... All I did was run an xl create with -vvv and now
> it is working. The error from the original email was from the same guest
> without -vvv, that was the only change. I know this should not have any
> effect on this.

Indeed not.

I'm inclined to say that if rebooting the host (whenever you get a chance)
doesn't make the issue reappear then we put it down to gremlins. If it does
cause it to reappear then we can investigate what -vvv is doing that
shouldn't be gated on that.

To that end, if you reboot then collecting "xenstore-ls -fp" right after
boot would be handy, for comparison with after "xl create" and after "xl 
-vvv create", since that's the most likely place I can think of where
something "sticky" might happen.

> I stopped several of my other running VM's, modified their configs to the
> higher ram I originally used them with and they are working now too. I
> didnât even need to do the -vvv on them.
> All of the guests are widows based, several are Win7, one 2008 and one
> 2012.

FWIW such guests do not support booting with maxmem>memory, unless you have
PV drivers with PoD (populate-on-demand) installed. It doesn't look like
you have that though. Windows domains cannot grow past their initial maxmem
(whether maxmem=memory or maxmem>memory). maxmem defaults to memory.


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