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Re: [Xen-users] Q: how to solve "shared RMRR" / "gfn already mapped" / GSI ?

Den 14. okt. 2015 12:51, skrev George Dunlap:
> On Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 10:32 AM, HÃkon Alstadheim
> <hakon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi all, I'm running xen 4.6.0 since yesterday, and I really appreciate
>> the progress that is being made, which finally allows me to state my
>> problem concisely, so an answer /might/ be possible :-) .
>> I am trying to pass through a usb-card to a windows domU, and it is not
>> working. A while ago (well before 4.6) it was working for quite a while,
>> then it stopped, without me being able to pinpoint what had changed.
>> Now, after 4.6 , I have it working for a linux domU, but not for windows
>> 8.1. Both are identical hvms as much as possible. For the linux domU,
>> (which is working) xen console says:
> Since you say it stopped working for Windows "well before 4.6", and it
> *does* work for Linux with the errors below, I suspect that whatever
> the problem is has nothing to do with the RMRRs (which are what the
> errors below are about).
Well, there are differences, "Direct Vector 0xf3" works, "GSI 28" does not.
Also forgot I'm using tmem, which may cause a big difference in memory
layout I guess.

> You could probably make the errors below go away by adding
> "mmio_hole=3072" to your config file; but I suspect that your problem
> will remain.
Tried the mmio_hole, and the "cannot setup identity map" went away, but
still no usb for windows.
> Unfortunately, without a more concrete error message to go on, the
> most reliable way to find out what caused things to stop working is to
> do a bisection. :-/
No upgrades were done to xen or xen-tools at the time it stopped
working. Could be a windows update, could be some dom0 change. Just
prior to the failure I had about a month of uptime on the hypervisor,
with windows domU working all that time. Then usb suddenly gave out
while the domU was running. A subsequent domU reboot (which also used to
work OK)  caused a hang on the whole system. I'm afraid I did a BIOS
update wen the system was down anyway, and that cleared out all the BIOS
settings :-/ , which I had to recreate from memory.

 Will try to increase verbosity. :-D

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